Injera for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.


by Miro May

Injera is a national dish in Ethiopia and I love it. There's really something special about enjoying it with the local people. Also the freshly roasted coffee called Buna tastes amazing and gives enough energy for the next long drive through the dusty and bumpy roads.

I especially like the trips when the distance between the places is measured in days, not in miles or kilometers ... A trip to Southern part of Ethiopia especially to Kibish is definitely one of them.

Actually it doesn't matter how far or how close the next drive or walk is, whenever I heard the words Ferengi (Ferengi means foreigner) and saw people come up to me, I was immediately captivated by their charisma, beauty, pride and styling, regardless of what tribe they came from.

Moreover, there is the incredible nature, and the feeling of leaving familiar grounds is really good because there is nothing strange or threatening about it.

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