The Dolomites, an impressive group of mountains in the northeast of Italy.


by Moreno Geremetta

The Dolomites are distributed in five provinces: Belluno, Trento, Bolzano, Udine and Pordenone with Marmolada is the highest peak with its 3.343 m above sea level. Pinnacles challenge the sky and towers of hard rock dolomite, alternating with green plateaus and natural valleys, crystal clear lakes, rivers and streams that flow from the mountain complete this natural painting, which were inspired by the romantic painters from their discovery.

Not by chance have these mountains been identified worldwide patrimony of humanity and part of the list of world heritage sites since June 26, 2009. The rare beauty of these stone giants surprised the first foreign explorers from the beginning. In 1789 Deodat de Dolomieu was the first to study these mountains, making a trip to these areas and studying them in depth. Numerous attempts to conquer their peaks by daring mountaineers from neighboring countries followed.

Today this area is a destination for tourists both in summer and winter. The destination has become more comfortable, and easily accessible, are very busy, often too busy to be able to savor the true essence of the mountains. But often one just needs to move off the regular treks and take a path a bit hidden, or choose unusual times to approach these valleys and these peaks, and the magic of the mountains will welcome you in return.

Nothing in the world compares to a fiery sunset from the top of a peak: the rocks soak up all shades of yellow, red and magenta. This is a show that has no price tag. It only takes a little sacrifice, because the difficulties are amplified by the darkness during the descent to the valley at night. The sky full of stars will guide you ... but most of the time you will keep looking upwards to admire it.

Then comes dawn, the time when the peaks awaken from the darkness. First with distinctive black silhouettes drawn in the sky, then slowly showing their innumerable details, caressed by light pastel of a new day. This is usually the coldest time of the night, but the emotions are always great and you forget the body, leaving space for the spirit. Unfortunately thousand words are not enough to describe what you will go through on a journey through the mountains.

In 1872 Amelia B. Edwards made a trip to the Dolomites and in her book "Untrodden Peaks and Unfrequented Valleys" she wrote: "...No mere description can convey to even the most apprehensive reader, any correct impression of their outline, their look of intense energy, of upwardness, of bristling, irresistible force.”

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