3.000 Miles Across Alaska.


by Navid Baraty

During my visit to Alaska, I traveled over 3.000 miles via land, sea and air. With an area over 600.000 square miles (more than twice the size of Texas) and a population barely more than Washington, D.C., Alaska feels vast, rugged and largely untouched by humanity. It was incredible to experience Alaska in autumn, the narrow window between the hectic tourist season and the beginning of the harsh Alaskan winter. The winters are so brutal that the state goes into a kind of hibernation with many natives even migrating to warmer climates until the spring thaw.

Perhaps the most striking and exhilarating feeling I experienced in Alaska was that of isolation. An insignificant speck against an epic backdrop of monstrous glaciers, jagged ice fields, dense forests, pristine waters and majestic mountain peaks, you can’t help but have an altered perspective on your place in the grand scheme of things. It’s a feeling I often find myself craving as I go about life in New York City.

My thoughts often wander to my time spent in Alaska and I can’t return quickly enough.

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