Muscat, A City On The Moon.


by Nina Hüpen-Bestendonk

The sun is burning on my skin, the humidity makes it hard to breathe, the wind is blowing my long dress like a purple flag on top of a mountain. I can't keep my eyes off the landscape, that is oh so strange to me.

I didn't know what to expect of Oman, before I came here and all I found were surprises. We drove on the gigantic highways in the modern city center of Muscat, passed by malls, hotels and billboards. We strolled around the old Souk, the traditional market to hunt for local treasures like spices and gold and got hazy from the Arabian frankincense. We took a walk at the harbor, watched colossal battleships, cruise ships and old wooden boats come and go. We went off-roading with Fahad, our guide, who took us into the mountains past miles and miles of rocks in different colors depending on the type of metal in the stone. I couldn't stop staring out of the window until we reached an oasis in the middle of nowhere, a little paradise of palm trees, sweet water pools and waterfalls.

And now I'm standing here, on top of a rock, looking down at the city of Muscat, winding its way through the valley next to mountains that look like moonscape. I take a deep breath and a last glimpse at the landscape and promise myself I'll come back.

3 Responses to “Nina Hüpen-Bestendonk”

  1. arwa alnoobi

    Your description of my country is so beautiful.
    Thank you and come back soon.

  2. Nitram

    the pics made me long to return to the incredible landscape of oman and the immensely friendly people one day…

    too bad the photographer can’t add some captions to the images – why?

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