Experiencing the extreme waves at Teahupoo up close.

Fr. Polynesia

by Nisa Maier , 2009

The waves at Teahupoo are some of the strongest and toughest to ride in the world. Known for the heavy & glassy waves offshore, often reaching up to 20 meters (70 feet), this reef break is nothing for the faint hearted,

I was lucky to stay with a few surfers from Brazil (including pro-surfer Dennis Tiahara). When planning to go out for a surf the next day, they asked if I’d dare to go out with them to take some photos. This was a great opportunity and I (of course) followed their request immediately.

Some local guy they knew, took me out to the massive waves on his jet-ski and I spent the next two days taking heaps of shots right near this world-famous break. It was an unforgettable experience to be so close to the action.

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