Beautiful Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka

by Pascal Mannaerts

When talking about Sri Lanka, some images arise immediately before ones eyes: The fields and spice gardens, beaches lined with coconut trees, the beautiful tea plantations that undulate to infinity on the mountainsides but also the cities swallowed by the jungle and today returned to civilization, Buddhist temples, huge statues of the reclining Buddha... As the islands of Zanzibar, Borneo, Sumatra, Jamaica, Sri Lanka evokes as much by ones imagination than reality.

Add cinnamon, tropical heat, rare woods, the warm rains...not forgetting the gems...and soon the Sinhalese magic emerging from its magic box...

The terrible images of the tsunami and civil war, etched in the memories, however, didn't disappear, as it's a mourning that lasts. For travelers visiting Sri Lanka, the page seems to have turned. An air of rebirth and renewal breaths now on this island, ravaged by 30 years of civil war.

As these incredible stories of ancient civilizations buried in the jungle and now released from their matrix, the Phoenix Sri Lanka was finally reborn from its ashes. Sri Lankans can smile again and they host with incredible heat visitors from around the world.

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