Immersion in North Vietnam.


by Rehahn Croquevielle

I went to North Vietnam by motorbike for 15 days, camera at the hand. I left from Hanoi to go to Bac Son, Ba Be lake, Dong Van, Ha Giang, Sapa and Mu Cang Chai. 15 days to visit more than 40 villages of minorities and to travel 2.190 km. I was invited into many house to eat with local people and I took more than 5.600 photos. Children, old people and landscapes, all was amazing. It's my favorite place in Vietnam, so far!

From the sunrise to the sunset, I was taking photo all day long unless I was driving. I went to the famous market of Dong Van where I took more than 1.000 photos in only a couple of hours. I met Black Lolo, Hmong, Tay, Nung ethnic minorities. All of them have their own culture, their own colours, it's the paradise for a photographer. The landscape was also great because it was the harvest time and the rice terraces were yellow. I met less than 10 tourists on this trip and I felt that I was lucky to discover this part of Vietnam.

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