A Week On Cuba's Streets.


by Ren Bostelaar

I visited Cuba in the winter of 2013. It had never been near the top of my travel wish-list; my perception of Cuba had been tainted by all-inclusive vacation snapshots and travel billboards. I knew that a living, breathing country existed beyond the resorts, but it had never really occurred to me to find out what that looked like with my own eyes.

My adventurous girlfriend Melody and I finally booked a trip after my parents, frequent visitors to Cuba's less-beaten paths, convinced me that it would be nothing like the postcards. What we discovered in hectic Havana, bucolic Viñales and hard-working Matanzas defied every expectation. It's a colourful, challenging place full of clever people and a sense that the island's tangled history may yet unspool in unexpected ways.

After a week on Cuba's streets I left loving it more - but understanding it less - than I had ever imagined.

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  1. Su

    I’m so happy you went and are as intrigued by this enigmatic part of the world as I am. The people are extraordinary. My eyes overload on the cacophony (can I use that word for visual?) of images that makes Cuba for me. I would so like to see the many other faces of the country rather than the same vacation area. Beautiful as it may be, there is so much more variety on that island. My favourite photos you posted are of the car, so so iconic for Cuban, with the people all going about their daily business. In your photo the car is secondary to the people … yes! And the street views from the high vantage point showing the sad deterioration of the buildings. Thank you Ren. Try to get back to Cuba soon.

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