Travelling to Prague is like stepping into the world of fairy tales.

Czech Republic

by Roberto Nencini

It is not only a wonderful city, but it is also a feeling, a melody that accompanies you everywhere. A place where the story turns into a fairy tale. Prague is the city of the extremities: huge palaces and churches and at the same time old narrow streets nestled between golden towers and red roofs, elegant cafés in the magical splendor of bygone eras and breweries in the dim light of the pub. Architecture in the Gothic, Baroque and Art Nouveau, an incredible mix where merged wisdom and fantasy. Coming to Prague is like taking a walk through the stages of a great show. The particularity of Prague you can not see with your eyes, but you feel in the air, in the gestures of the waiters, the voice of the street musicians on the Old Town Square, in the flavor of beer, in the inclinations of the Dancing House in noise ... walking on the Vltava River, Charles Bridge at dawn or in the rush to orloj to see small statues of the apostles that mark the hours of the day. They are parts of this magic the grotesque, ironic literature of Kafka and Hrabal, the mystery of alchemy and medieval astronomy, the music of Dvořák and jazz music that caresses in the basement of the bar.

I can not forget Smetana and Karel Gott, the good soldier Svejk, and the modern martyr Jan Palach, the Hapsburg monarchy and the communist Czechoslovakia. Tastes sweet, bitter and spicy story of a beautiful city. Joy and sadness, history and every day life are the ingredients that make a visit to an extraordinary experience.

I've been to Prague several times, but I did not ever take pictures, because I had not the capacity to capture the atmosphere. This time I got lucky, I was in the company of my friend-photographer, Roberto Nencini. Following his points of view not only gave me an insights on photography, but I've seen this city through different eyes. From now through the photos of Robert, I can go back to this magical city whenever I want.

- Erika Balogh

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