The Diversity of Namibia.


by Roberto Sysa Moiola

For me personally, Namibia is the most beautiful country. I first travelled there in 2004, and then I went back in 2006 and 2008. I visited during my trips all over the world.

The areas of Namibia is really vast and boundless. It's very difficult to find the human presence outside of the few cities. Since I was looking for photography possibilities, I travelled to many different places of the country. The trip was so special, and which I was able to capture animals, amazing landscapes (deserts, sea and savannah), but also picturesque ethnic groups such as the Himba, San or Herero.

One of the most beautiful things in Namibia is the utmost hospitality of its people and the absolute freedom with which a tourist can travel this stunning African country.

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  1. Saumil Shah

    Amazing photographs Roberto! I’ve always been fascinated with this region. Thanks for contributing this feature to Let’s Travel Somewhere, and sharing it with the world.

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