The Stunningly Beautiful Mountain Scenery of the Swiss Alps.


by Roberto Sysa Moiola

One of the best experience in the Alps is crossing the border between Italy and Switzerland, comfortably on board of the Bernina Express UNESCO World Heritage train, a milestone in our history...

Just imagine a way to travel from the southern (Tirano, IT) to the northern Alps (Chur, CH) through a landscape of glaciers, over graceful viaducts and bridges, through tunnels hewn into the sheer rock, through switch-back tunnels, along rushing mountain streams and even an alpine garden.

The Rhaetian is the highest mountain Railway in the Alps and coexists in perfect harmony with its glorious mountain setting with a record of up to 70 millimetres per metre of incline that are found along its route.

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  1. Anita

    Awesome capture of the Swiss mountains – this is beyond perfect <3 Bravo! :)

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