Spending Two Days in Riga.


by Rodion Kovenkin , 2012

In my childhood every kid had at least one toy from “the Pribaltika” - this is a word to name the 3 ex-regions, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. People went there on business trips to bring presents home for their children. I had a bicycle from Riga and a school uniform from Vilnius. This was really cool. Incidentally, in my childhood everything brought from the Pribaltika was considered to be of the finest quality and being a kid, I was dying to visit the area.

My trip to Riga only happened on the 2012 during New Year's eve. All the photos were made from December 31 through January 1. I have never been farther up North in Europe. I was lucky with the weather, because the air was clear and it wasn’t cold.

Riga is a marvelous city; with its architecture in the Art Nouveau idiom, the café from medieval times, little bakeries. It's a very dense and cozy old town, where streets served as a backdrop for the majority of soviet movies.

The city center is easy and logical in terms of navigation. Riga inhabitants are friendly, even when hearing the someone speak in Russian and I left it with a warm and positive impressions and feel like coming back again.

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