Lofoten Islands, Arctic Norway.


by Sandra Jordan

The Lofoten islands are a remote part of the world situated approximately 200km above the Arctic Circle.

Sculpted by glaciers and the extreme elements of the Arctic, the Lofoten landscape is one of the wildest and most visually stunning spots in Norway. With picturesque villages, traditional wooden fisherman’s cabins, fjords, sheltered inlets, white sandy beaches and the wide open ocean, it is a photographer’s paradise and a stunning place to spend time in, I loved every minute of my time there (apart from when I went to park at the edge of the snow covered road to take a photo, only to find out that it was actually a snow covered ditch and I had to get a passer-by to tow my car out!)

It’s also a great place to view the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights), something I had wanted to witness for many years. I was lucky to see it on six nights of my trip, an unbelievable experience and one I can highly recommend.

5 Responses to “Sandra Jordan”

  1. Inna

    Your shots are greate! Norway is a country of the endless fairytale! You are very lucky!!

  2. Sandra Jordan

    Thanks very much Inna and Kay. Yes Norway is stunningly beautiful, I absolutely love it there, especially in Winter!

  3. Satu VW

    I recently had a short business trip to Lofoten and fell immediately in love with the place! Beautiful shots you have from there, they make me want to go back…

  4. sandra

    You’ve been charmed as well Satu by Lofoten! I am heading back in February, I can’t wait!

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