Route 66 | The Most Complete Potpourri of United States Facets.


by Sebastian Scholz

Over the last decade, my girlfriend and I have road tripped along the complete west and east coast, plus several regional explorations across the entire North-American continent. So to round things off, we decided to literally cut through the country by following the historic Route 66 as closely as possible (roughly from the top right to the lower left).

Whilst driving those 4.000 km on (at that season) mostly vacated roads, one can observe a whole potpourri of intense impressions: From the busy rattling of traffic between skyscrapers in Chicago, the gentle wind-movement of endless corn fields in Kansas, the exploding mountains of clouds during sudden thunderstorms in Texas, the great colours of old vacated villages fading away under the Arizona sun to slowly scenting the salt-filled ocean air in Los Angeles after been dried out from the desert.

In combination with the greatly varying human cultures that settled (and adapted) in those different contexts that kind of trip guarantees memories for a lifetime.

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