A Jewel Evolving So Quickly, It Makes Your Head Spin.


by Sebastian Scholz

The fascinating thing about visiting Vietnam is the great openness of its people in relation to their complicated history. While travelling from the North (Hanoi) to the South (Ho Chi Minh City), my friends and I encountered friendly hosts who met us with great pride.

Looking back now after three years, two images remain very tangible: On the one hand the almost untouched rural areas where one strolls through old temples embedded in endless rice fields without anyone around. On the other hand the almost dramatic modernisation of larger cities with unimaginable amounts of motor scooters flowing through uncountable construction areas.

So it's not only the indescribable scenery (Halong Bay) and the wonderful food (Pho Bo), but also the tangible optimism of the Vietnamese people in their progress to redesign their country that makes a visit so special.

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