Beautiful France.


by Sergio Lanza

My strong passion for photography probably began in Paris. The architecture and monuments of this precious city really captivated me since the first time. You can get a great image from almost every single spot or corner in the city. Its monuments, historic buildings, avenues, cafeterias, etc...

There are pictures every where you look at. I also discovered a growing passion for night and blue hour photography. Paris is the perfect city to photograph when the sun is set. When you try to capture the magic of this city when the sun is gone, you really understand why it's referred to as the "City of Light". Every monument and place of interest is preciously illuminated, so you can search for the best place to set your tripod and start to capture all that magic Paris has. Surely, a must visit town for those who love photography. But, anyway a must-see town for anyone who likes history, architecture, art, or towns. If you get there, you probably won't be disappointed.

There are also a lot of historic and fabulous places or regions to visit in France, such as the Loire Valley, Mont Saint-Michel and its bay, Carcassonne... Precious beaches as the ones you can find near Biarritz or Anglet, Niza and Cannes... And natural areas as the Pyrenees or the Alps Mountains. Definitively, a country to visit, and a country to photograph

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