Vast - Across The Wilderness


by Simon Reif

Iceland has always been one of my favorite travel destinations. I travelled around the island in April 2014.

Driving Iceland’s ring road during spring is a remarkable experience. With a population of 325.671 and a total area of 103.000 km2, it’s the most sparsely populated country in Europe. On some eastern parts of the Island you see more reindeer's than people. Lots of roads are still icy or even closed.

During my road trip, I had the full range of weather: Rain, snow, sun and even sandstorms accompanied my journey.

But once you make it through, the scenery is your reward. Constant changing landscapes and views are the amazing thing about Iceland.

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  1. Oliver

    Excellent photos! Iceland must be a magical place indeed. Would love to discover this marvellous island on a road trip myself one day…

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