Florence Over And Over Again.


by Sivan Askayo

I was 16 years old when I first visited Florence. It was a "Sweet 16" trip to Italy and the tour guide took us to Florence, just for a day. All I remember from that day was the statue of David in a blur. 20 years later, and I went back to Florence for the second time, but this time as a Photographer.

Florence was glorious. A bright Renaissance gem in North of Italy, where I spent 6 days and observed more than just the statue of David.

Florence for me was running up the hills all the way to Piazzale Michelangelo, just to see the city waking up soaked in a morning dew.

Florence for me was climbing up 412 stairs up the tower of the Duomo, for the sake of taking beautiful pictures.

Florence for me was all about chocolate and coffee.

Florence is walking through Santa Croce’s busy courtyard or feeding pigeons in San Marco Square.

Florence for me was visiting the Academia at via Ricasoli on a busy day, paying only 4 Euro to see the masterpiece of David, and sneaking pictures of him when the museum guards were not watching.

Florence is visiting Galleria Uffizi and observing The Birth of Venus, The Primavera or the Neptune statue in full glory.

Florence is having Ricotta Cheese and Figs for lunch and chocolate and ice cream for dinner.

Florence is walking in cobble stone streets with funny names such as Via de Tornabuoni or Via Maffia.

Florence is having an afternoon stroll in Giardino di Boboli, or drinking water from Fontana dello Sprone.

Florence is watching men in their best tailored suits riding their bicycles.

Florence is visiting the Towers of Donati or the great halls of the old synagogue in Via Farini.

Florence is watching the sunset over Ponte Vecchio while you are holding a bottle of wine in one hand and your loved one in other.

Florence is doing and experiencing all of the above.

Over and Over again.

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  1. Sonya

    Florence is unforgettable and you’ve shared some stunning photos of this captivating city. They make me dream about going back soon.

  2. Ewelina

    Florence is magical. I was there in last summer. Wonderful, historical, awesome!

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