Top Of The Top - Dubai.


by Slawomir Stepien

The main motivation for my visit to Dubai was to attend the Gala of the Hipa photo contest. That reason alone gave the trip a unique character.

I spent a total of six days in Dubai and during that time I endeavoured to see as much as possible. Fortunately, this is a vast city and with so many attractions, it is impossible to visit them all in just one week. Therefore, I am already planning another trip there, oriented slightly less on the most famous and spectacular places, and more to those rarely spoken of (which are often bypassed). The old part of Dubai is one such place.

Dubai, even despite the high density of buildings and extensive infrastructure, is a city that continues to grow, and is often called the biggest construction site in the world. It is estimated that 30% of all cranes on earth are there.

What fascinates me most in Dubai is the unusual order, security and human kindness. I never felt unsafe, nor did I have to be afraid for my equipment or being swept into unpleasant situations.

In my opinion, the city takes on its most charming character at night. It is then that you can’t see the masses of buildings and cranes that I spoke of. What appears instead is the very rich illumination of buildings and pedestrian areas that give the city its regal sensual character.

To truly understand what I mean, you must be there yourself!

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