Sweet Home - Poland.


by Slawomir Stepien

Poland is my homeland - I was born here and this is where I live. It’s the place I'm always craving to come back to. Not just because it’s my home, but mostly because it’s a beautiful country!

Poland stretches from the Baltic Sea in the North to two mountain chains in the South - the Sudetes and the Carpathians.

Few people know that Polish Baltic beaches are the widest and one of the most beautiful in Europe. In the north-east, the Bialowieza Forest is the only natural forest remaining from the old continent. We have a total of 23 national parks, each with a completely different character. The ones that I visit frequently are the Pieniny National Park, Karkonosze National Park, Biebrza National Park and the Slowinski National Park - these are the areas that most of my pictures come from.

Pieniny National Park
The Pieniny is not a high mountain range yet they lay only a few kilometers from the Tatra Mountains - the highest and most beautiful mountains in Poland. If you are in the area, go up the Three Crowns - the highest peak in the Pieniny (893m asl) which offers a wonderful view of the Dunajec gorge and the Tatras.

Karkonosze National Park
The Karkonosze Mountains are much higher than the Pieniny and completely different. The highest peak - Sniezka, is 1602 m above sea level and is not just a tourist attraction but also a place for our Meteorological Observatory . Being in the Karkonosze you have to reach Samotnia - a chalet run for nearly half a century by the same family. Also visit the Sniezne Kotly (Snowy Cirques) - steep 200m high cliffs.

Biebrza National Park
The largest national park in Poland is located in the Northeast region of Podlasie. It includes the Biebrza river valley - a very precious area due to the many species of birds that inhabit it. But what attracts me the most here are the charming little villages, churches and extremely open-minded and friendly people.

Slowinski National Park
A seaside area located in the north of the country. The most interesting part contains ​​sand dunes stretching over about 20km. Visit it off-season and feel like being in a real desert.

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