Takk Fyrir Island.


by Stefan Stammbach

I took the ferry from Denmark and arrived five days later - spending two days on the ferry and three days on the Faroe Islands - in Seydisfjördur. Arrived in Iceland, I met a friend of a friend who tagged my map with all the spots I should visit. As it was my first time in this country, lucky for me that he helped me with a proper plan what to do and where to go.

I spent the next four weeks traveling around the coast, driving and hiking through the highlands, trying to dry my wet clothes in the car, having baths in hot springs, fixing my car out in the nowhere, crossing ice-cold rivers by foot and stepping out of the car every few minutes to have a look at the landscape. I totally fell in love with this country. Breathtaking landscapes, weather that changes every fifteen minutes, strange food (at least if rotten shark or scorched lamb head is not on your daily menue at home), hand knitted pullovers everywhere, sheep, horses and birds (too bad I missed the whales), lovely and helpful people and daylight for almost 24h a day.

I'm definitely going to visit this beautiful Island again!

5 Responses to “Stefan Stammbach”

  1. lucian

    great photos. any chance you might be willing to share that map? iceland is high on my list, cheers!

  2. Sonya

    Iceland’s landscape feels so wild and free. Your stunning photos capture that feeling.

  3. Stefan

    Lucian, just drop me a mail and I’ll send you the coordinates from the spots I visited. Cheers!

  4. Henry

    Damn, those pictures are great!!!
    Wouldn’t mind to see that map too ;) Planning to go this September!!
    Did I sy how great those pictures are yet??

  5. Ramses

    Thanks! For sharing your enjoyment of the country, if youre able to share the map much obliged, thanks again :)

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