Singapore is a Mixture of all Asian Cultures.


by Tautvydas Gylys

At first glance it's very modern and western like, though with a deeper look, you'll find a different story.

I lived in Singapore for 6 months and was lucky to visit Thaipusam festival there. It’s a Hindu celebration to mark the occasion when Parvati gave Murungan a Vel "spear" so he could vanquish the evil demon Soorapadam. During the festival, devotees undertake a pilgrimage along the set route in various acts of devotion. It started early morning, at 6 am and I was already there. At first, I was shocked by the sacrifices these people perform to show their belief. I felt welcome by locals, and this encouraged me to document the event.

This experience was the strongest during my entire stay there, as I felt like I entered totally different world with ancient traditions, which is hard to understand for Europeans. When I left the temple, modern skyscrapers, subway, brand new cars looked out of context with the experience I had just encountered...

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