Midnight Lake.


by Thomas Ciszewski

I’ve been traveling a lot, from Europe to Asia, Africa to North America, and it’s very amazing how much diversity you can find in California. From snowy mountains to deserts, wonderful beaches to amazing cities.

This series above was taken in Midnight Lake region. It's located in Inyo Forest near Bishop, CA. I went for a 3-day-hike from 1.500 metres to 3.500 metres altitude. When you hit the trail-head, it’s almost a desert-like landscape with 30° and in the end, the lake is frozen and the temperature literally drops down below 0° during the night. Sleeping in a tent in the middle of nowhere, listening to the water crushing onto the rocks and hoping not to encounter any bears was really a great experience.

When we did finally reach Midnight Lake, it was almost completely frozen, it was breathtaking to discover this endless white plane surrounded by mountains.

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  1. atn.

    Congrats Thomas! Looking forward to discover this amazing place.

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