From Volcanoes to Rice Fields.


by Thomas Ciszewski , 2012

Those pictures above have been taken in central Indonesia on Java island during summer 2012.

Besides its megalopolis Jakarta, Java is formed by a chain of volcanic mountains. The most famous are the Mount Bromo with its sand sea caldera and the Kawa Ijen with sulfur carriers and its acid lake.

I've also been to Bali and Lombok islands, which are completely different with never ending rice fields, lush jungle and amazing surf spots. I have to say that the sunlight down there in Bromo's caldera was amazing. This cloudy landscape looks like the surface of the moon as it reveals the volcanoes crater.

I'd go back to Indonesia to discover Sumatra and explore some smaller islands.

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  1. Fachda Ramadhani

    Awesome :) if u come back here feel free to contact me :) i would love to help and share! best regards from Indonesia

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