On The Foothills Of The Austrian Alps: Kitzbühl.


by Tony Harrison

After being on the road almost constantly for the past 12 years, seeing and photographing many different countries, I discovered one of the prettiest places on the planet and am now happy to call it my home.

Living here in the foothills of the Austrian Alps the town of Kitzbühl was first settled by the Illyrians mining copper between 1.100bc and 800bc. It has a long history and is now home to some of the most famous skiing areas in Europe including the Hahnenkamm Streif one of the most notorious and dangerous ski races on the world cup calender.
I have spent the last 6 months wandering the local mountains, always carrying my camera with me. I discovered one of the prettiest places in the world with an abundance of photography locations.

In the surrounding areas, I discovered the Krimml waterfalls it's the highest waterfall in Europe and 5th highest in the world with an impressive drop of 380m. The Wilder Kaiser mountain range situated between Kufstein and St. Johann offers endless trekking possibilities and with peaks of over 2.300m can offer some spectacular views of the surrounding areas. The Schwarzsee Lake just a short walk from the town centre has beautiful views of The Kitzbühler Horn with a summit of 1.996m.

I look forward now to the summer and as the landscape changes from snow and frost to green rolling hills with snowcapped mountain peaks I see no end to my adventures here.

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