Heaven On Earth.


by Tony Harrison

I had a checklist in my mind of where in the world I would find my paradise of grand mountains, surreal sunsets, diverse species, green rolling hills, exotic food, crisp reflective lakes, budget options and roads less traveled.

I searched the world for years until I found spectacular Bolivia, a photographers dream that ticked all the boxes. For three months I traveled from the isolation of lake Titicaca's sunsets to the vast plains and dying trains of Salar de Uyuni, from the dizzying height of the city of La Paz to the dusty wild west town of Tupiza.

I trekked to find abandoned trucks, endured great pains on miniscule buses to reach crystal clear lakes, suffered sickness at the hands of altitude to catch a sight of the Pink Flamingo and endured frozen fingers to take sunset shots at 5000m above see level.

I ate lunch with the colorful indigenous folk, fell madly in love with a monkey called Cheetah, learned Spanish as a second language and joined in with almost 9 million Bolivians celebrating Carnival covered in paint and water and after everything I wouldn't change a thing, except the time I was allowed to stay, three months is clearly not enough.

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  1. Louannie

    Loved your pictures, I couldn’t stop looking at the one of the sunset (I want a good camera!!). This was just Great!

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