An Easter Holiday on the Black Continent.


by Ulli Maier , 2008

A pleasant accurate bus ride brought us to Takoradi from Accra. From there we continued by taxi to Busua. On the way you will see many people selling bush meat along the road. You mostly see squirrel and even monkeys are sold for the upcoming dinner table.

We simply wanted to go to the beach so as soon as we arrived our lodge about 20 km away in Ezile Bay on a beautiful unspoilt beach, with solar power and a few cabins, we hit the beach.

The beach was really beautiful with white sand, blue water and a little village nearby. The village Akwiida has a little market, where you can get everything for your basic needs. You could go fishing, or if you’re not the sea-kind of person, fresh fish is available everywhere. The locals wrap it into banana leaves and grill it on the beach. Yummy!

Walking along the long stretch of beach gave us an idea on daily life in Ghana, which was really nice. All in all it was a great two week trip down to the Black Continent.

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  1. Kojo

    Am Kojo and from Ghana. I have been on this continent for 25 years ever since the day mum heard the cry of her last child. Ever since I was growing up, I have never heard of a “Black Continent” among the 7 that make up the Earth. Sincerely speaking, can you define what you mean by “Black Continent” in your heading above. Thank you.

  2. admin

    Hello Kojo!
    The name “Black Continent” or also “Dark Continent” was not given to Africa because of the colour of its inhabitants, but because of the mystery that surrounded the place back when the Europeans visited there. Not much was known of the African lands, but they were known to be harsh and dangerous places and only brave explorers dared to go there…
    Hope this explains.
    Best, Nisa

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