The Fantastic Colours of Aitutaki.

Cook Islands

by Vladimir Nardin , 2011

I visited Aitutaki in September 2011 when I was travelling with my wife 9 months around the world. I was told that Aitutaki lagoon is supposed be the most beautiful in the world.

But when I saw that perfect palette of turquoise colours, brightness of blue sky and pristine clear water, I was breathless. I could just watch and enjoy the beauty of dreamland. And the beauty down under the water just intensified my emotions: giant mysterious shells, curious tropical fish and coral fields…

Of course the most beautiful places are not just few steps from bungalows on main island, but it is worth to join lagoon cruises or to take a taxi boat and visiting amazing Aitutaki lagoon and small remote islands every day of your stay there.

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